Best Proposal Marriage Ideas To Express Feelings To Your Partner

Best Marriage Proposal Ideas To Express Feelings To Your Partner

While marriage is seen as a commitment to be with someone ‘in sickness and in health’ for the rest of your life, there are three key elements that make it successful: asking the right questions, creating a strong foundation, and keeping things new. There are so many ways to propose to someone, but which one feels like it suits your relationship best?

It all depends on your partner’s expectations, interests, and wishes. Before popping the question, don’t forget to consider the things your partner likes. If you propose to them in an intimate setting but they really want a lavish ceremony, they may not say yes. But if you listen to them and work with them to make their wishes come true without compromising your vision of the engagement, you’ll get a memorable response from your partner.

Best Marriage Proposal Ideas

When deciding to propose to someone, how special an occasion it depends on whom you’re planning it for. But whether you’re asking a close friend or your future spouse to be your partner, it’s important that you make the occasion memorable.

We’ve put together a list of fun proposal ideas that are sure to please anyone you choose to ask. In the end, it’s still going to be up to the person being proposed whether or not she accepts. But at least you’ll have done everything you can to show her just how much you care about her.

In Public Marriage Proposal Ideas

Proposing marriage can be a nerve-wracking experience for anything but it can be made easier with a little bit of planning. This blog post will hopefully help you plan the perfect public marriage proposal by showing you some ideas and advice for making your special moment more memorable.

1. Flash Mob

flash mob marriage proposal

One excellent way to propose marriage is to stage a group wedding proposal. You can ask all your friends, your partner’s friends, both of your families, or even random strangers, if needed, to participate in the mob. You could compose a song by yourself, dance to it along with the gang, and at the end, you could ask the big question by going down on your knees or get your four-legged furball friend to help you to ask the question. That is just the most adorable idea I have ever heard.

2. Karaoke Bar

marriage proposal in Karaoke Bar

If your partner likes the theater, you could propose during a play by asking him or her while an audience watches. If you and your lover like singing together, head to a karaoke bar next time you propose.

3. Concert proposal

Concert proposal

You could get down on bended knee and pop the big question with a band in full swing, or you could kick off a marathon of marriage proposals and take turns.

Destination Marriage Proposal Ideas

Have you been planning on popping the question to your significant other, but can’t find a good location? Or maybe you’ve been engaged for a while and just want to redo the proposal with a different twist. Well, I’ve created an extensive list of destination marriage proposal ideas to help you in your search.

1. Beach Proposal

Beach Proposal

There are several options if the coast is near your place. You could decorate a small part of the beach with lanterns and flowers and surprise your partner with a beautiful ring. If the coast is far away from where you stay, you could take them out for a long drive to a special destination. Just when they think you’re taking them on another drive to yet another scenic spot, you could go down on your knees and propose. The sunset hour is great for proposals because of the romantic atmosphere that is created.

2. Hike, Trek, Mountain Top Proposal

Hike, Trek, Mountain Top Proposal

You might take your partner on a long hike to a beautiful waterfall or the top of a mountaintop at the break of dawn. The early morning start could signify the beginning of your new life together. This could be a great option for you, given the adrenaline rush and the breathtaking view. Your partner has been waiting for you to ask for his/her hand in marriage, so this would work out great!

3. Underwater Proposal

Underwater Proposal

If you ask your sweetheart to join you on a scuba-diving vacation, this could definitely be one of the best ways to pop the question. But, it would only work if you and your significant other are both adventurous and share an interest in scuba diving.

4. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Standing beneath the monumental Eiffel tower and asking for someone’s hand in marriage is a romantic dream for many people. This can be a little extravagant, but it is one of the most epic proposals we have ever heard of. The top of the hour, when the tower’s lights are on and shining brightly over Paris, would be a wonderful time to take your partner to the tower and ask her to marry you.

Homemade Proposal Ideas For Marriage

Marriage proposal ideas are naturally thought of as traditional and mainstream. If you want to surprise your partner, then this list is worth a read. It will help you find more unique homemade wedding proposals that would knock your partner’s socks off!

1. Proposal In A Fortune Cookie

Proposal In A Fortune Cookie

If your partner does not feel like going out or cooking, take advantage of the situation! Call in an order for take-out from your favorite Chinese restaurant and ask them to include a special note inside the fortune cookie. This is one of the most inexpensive, simple, and personal proposal ideas—all from the comfort of your home.

2. Cook Up A Proposal

Cook Up A Proposal

Is there anything more romantic than cooking for your partner? How about making their favorite meal and creatively designing the food in such a way that the question pops out at you?

3. Scrabble Proposal

Scrabble Proposal

If you and your partner both enjoy games like Scrabble, we think you would love this piece. It incorporates all of the best attributes of a customized piece and is an homage to your shared interests.

4. Put The Ring In Their Favorite Book

Put The Ring In Their Favorite Book

If your partner is a big enough bookworm, this gift will be a huge hit.You can take the proposal ring and put it inside a book that they love the most. Just make sure you have a different copy of this book and have not messed with their favorite one if you want your question to get an affirmative response.

Surprise Marriage Proposal Ideas

What’s more romantic than a surprise marriage proposal? Whether it’s with your boyfriend or girlfriend, some people prefer to get engaged without any fuss or fanfare. It’s because of this reason that several people like to keep the secret until the moment of the proposal. Finding a great location and the perfect ring are a few things you might want to consider if you’re going to plan your own surprise marriage proposal.

1. Recreate Your First Date

Recreate Your First Date

You and your partner can reminisce about the moment when you first met by taking a walk down memory lane together. That will not only be a cute gesture but will also make the day even more memorable. You and your partner will have a lot of stories to tell your friends and family about this special proposal date.

2. On A Rollercoaster Ride

On A Rollercoaster Ride

Here’s an idea that can be done without much effort! You and your partner can coordinate with the amusement park staff to hold up signs asking for each other’s hand in marriage while on the rides. Your partner will be caught by surprise when they see the photo! This is one of the simple ideas for proposing marriage that can be done without much effort! Little would your partner know that a day at an amusement park would change their life for the better.

3. Hot Air Balloon Proposal

Hot Air Balloon Proposal

Some people make a traditional marriage proposal by getting down on one knee, opening a ring box, and asking the person they love to marry them. But have you ever thought of doing something different? One very romantic proposal idea is to actually get inside a hot air balloon, fly it high into the skies, and pop the big question from up there. It’s certainly an unforgettable experience that your partner will never forget!


When you marry the right person, celebrating your love by exchanging vows in front of family and friends is one of the most meaningful, memorable moments of your life. Although there is no single, perfect proposal method for everyone, a huge majority of couples choose to publicly declare their devotion to one another by getting engaged. One way to keep it unique and special is to plan an engagement that’s meaningful to you and your partner.

The best part? There are some really memorable ideas out there! The first challenge is coming up with an idea that works for you and your partner. From there, planning any kind of event can be a lot of fun. So take a deep breath, lean back, and enjoy this list of creative wedding proposal ideas and tips!

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