21 wedding registry ideas for couples living together


If you’re a newlywed, you’ve probably already discovered that having a registry is great fun. After all, it’s one of the easiest ways to help your guests get something that’s special for you. But what about if your partner is living with you? Do they get their own registry? How does that work? And why should they care about getting gifts on their own anyway? We’ll answer those questions and more in this post!

Indoor entertaining accessories.


Artwork can be a great wedding gift for newlyweds. It’s also a thoughtful gift that can be a beautiful addition to their home. You may want to consider getting artwork from a local artist or online, depending on what you like and how much money you have to spend on it.

You should consider asking the couple where they would like the piece displayed, including how many times they plan on displaying it (once or multiple times per year). The most important thing is ensuring that whatever artwork is chosen has meaning for both parties involved in creating it together as one unit; otherwise nothing will matter when sitting down together looking at something new every day!


If you’re a couple, chances are that you share your bed. So why not use it to decorate? Pillows are a great idea for couples because they can be used in the bedroom, living room and even outside! You could even make them out of different materials like wool or linen (or even both).

Pillow covers come in many forms: some are decorative while others are functional. They can also be made from different materials like cotton or polyester. A good rule of thumb is if it’s going to sit on top of something else—like when placed under your head while reading—then go with something softer than what would be used as an actual pillow itself (this includes throws). For example: If I were making my own throw pillow I’d probably go with 100% cotton; but if my husband wanted me to make him one out of foam then I’d choose polyester instead since it doesn’t need ironing after being washed multiple times per week throughout our lives together.”


Flatware is a great gift for newlyweds. It can be used for everyday or special occasions and there are many different styles to choose from. You can register for a set of silverware or individual pieces, but if you’re looking for something more unique, consider registering with wedding registry companies like Registry by Mail that offer personalized gifts made from recycled materials.

Coffee table books.

Coffee table books are a great gift for couples. They can be about anything, from art to travel to food. The possibilities are endless! If you have a couple in mind that likes to read and explore new things, then this is the perfect registry item for them.

The best part about coffee table books is that they’re unique and personalized—so it’s easy to find something that both parties would love receiving as their wedding day gift!

Entryway furniture.

The entryway is the first place guests see when they come home, so it’s important to make this area welcoming and comfortable. An entryway bench or small table for shoes and coats can help guests feel at home as soon as they walk in the door.

A coat rack is another great way to add storage space in your house that’s easy to access from all sides of the room. A shoe rack like this one from Amazon would fit perfectly above an entryway bench (or even under it). It has plenty of hooks so you can easily hang up your shoes as well as hanging space for hats/scarves/hats/scarves!

Waffle maker.

Waffles are so delicious, they’re like the bacon of breakfast foods. But if you don’t have a waffle maker and want to make them at home, it can be hard to find one that works well with your kitchen setup. The good news is that there are lots of different options out there—from traditional round ones that look like cast iron skillets to portable models that can fit anywhere in your kitchen (and even cook other foods!).

Waffle makers are also easy to use: just plug them in and wait for them to heat up before pouring batter onto their surface! Some models even come with accessories like grids so you can make pancakes or French toast too!

Bread maker.

A bread maker is a great gift for couples who love to bake. It’s also useful for making other things besides bread, like pizza dough and jam!

Water bottle filter.

A water bottle filter is a very simple device that will help you to drink pure and clean water in the future. It’s easy to use, portable and can be taken anywhere you go.

The best part about this product is that it filters out all kinds of chemicals, heavy metals and other pollutants from your tap water so you can enjoy cleaner-tasting H20 everywhere you go!

A great way to use this product would be when traveling or camping out at home with friends or family members who don’t have access to filtered water like us here at [company name]. You could also take along some filters while hiking in remote areas where there isn’t much available at all!

New knives or knife set

Knives are a must-have for any kitchen. You can register for a knife set or individual knives, each of which comes with its own sharpener and case. If you’ve got more than one person in your household who cooks, then consider registering for a knife set that includes all three different styles of chef’s knives—the chef’s knife, paring knife and santoku (a Japanese style).

Home gym equipment

  • A treadmill.
  • An elliptical machine.
  • A stationary bike.
  • A rowing machine, which is similar to an elliptical but uses more resistance and fewer inclines/declines in the workout routine (and can be used for cardio workouts).
  • A weight bench: This is a piece of equipment that allows you to work out your upper body muscles with weights by sitting on it while using your own body weight as resistance (think bench press!). It’s also great for building up muscle mass around your shoulders and chest as well! You can find these at most sporting goods stores or online retailers like Amazon Prime Day deals if you don’t have one yet!
  • Resistance bands set: These come in many different varieties depending on how much resistance they provide; some offer just enough resistance so that users can feel their muscles working during workouts while others are almost too heavy duty for beginners so they might need help holding onto while doing exercises such as squats or lunges (which require lots of leg strength). They’re very affordable nowadays so try looking around first before committing yourself fully though…you’ll probably end up spending less money than planned because there’ll be plenty left over when all said done – trust me I know firsthand ;

China or dishware

You and your partner have a dishwasher, but you’re not sure what to register for. Maybe it’s time for a new one! You can also choose from other kitchen appliances such as an oven or coffee machine.

If you already have a dishwasher in your home, then there are plenty of great gift ideas available on our website that would be perfect for couples who live together. Or maybe they don’t yet own one; if so, consider adding this one item to their registry this year—it will make their lives easier!

Quality non-stick pans

One of the best gifts you can give your new spouse is a quality non-stick pan. Non-stick pans are a must-have for any kitchen, and they’re great for beginners as well as seasoned cooks who want to try something new. If you’re thinking of getting someone something special on their registry this year, look no further than these affordable options:

Waffle maker

If you and your partner love waffles, why not give them a waffle maker? This fun kitchen appliance is a great gift for couples who live together, but it’s also an ideal registry item for those who don’t.

Waffle makers are easy to use and fun to use—they can be used not only for making waffles but also pancakes or French toast. They’re also relatively inexpensive (often under $50), which makes them an affordable way of showing off your love for each other in the kitchen!

Storage containers that match your kitchen

In your kitchen, you’ll want to make sure you have the right storage containers. You can use these for storing all kinds of things:

  • Food
  • Beverages and condiments
  • Utensils and tools

You should also consider what kind of food is easiest for each person in your household to prepare. For example, if one person likes cooking while another prefers baking, then maybe they should have their own set of pots and pans? Or maybe one person prefers simple meals while another enjoys experimenting with new recipes? These are just some ideas that might help couples stay organized when it comes time for them to cook together!

Storage containers are great gifts as well because they’re practical AND stylish (and no one wants ugly stuff sitting around).

Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a practical gift that can be used for years and years to come. It’s also one of the most essential household items you could get for your new home, so it makes sense to go with something functional like this instead of something decorative or impractical (like a set of matching kitchen knives).

This is especially true if you are not married and living together in an apartment—if one person has more space than the other, then there may be room for both people to use their own appliances while still being able to share common areas like living rooms and kitchens.

Luggage set when you want to vacation together.

A luggage set is a great idea because it will last you a long time and make traveling easier. When you’re ready to go away on a trip, your luggage will be there waiting for you when you return.

You can get a set of luggage that is the same color or different colors so they match your bedroom decor at home or each other’s style preferences when traveling together as well. You can also get wheels on some sets or none at all if one partner prefers walking over carrying heavy suitcases around town (and who doesn’t?).

A wine fridge to keep drinks chilled and ready to go.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your beverages chilled, then a wine fridge is a great option. Wine fridges are perfect for couples who want their favorite wines chilled and ready to go. They can even be used as an alternative to other types of refrigerators, like beverage dispensers and food coolers (if you’d rather not have leftover food in the fridge).

A cast-iron dutch oven to cook anything in the kitchen.

Cast-iron cookware is a great way to make sure that your kitchen stays warm and comfortable. Cast iron heats up evenly, so you don’t have to worry about your food burning in the oven or on the stovetop. It also retains heat well, which means that once it’s hot enough for cooking (which can take longer than other types of pans), it will stay at that temperature until you’re ready to serve dinner!

Cast iron is durable and easy-to-clean—you won’t have to worry about scratching or denting this material if something spills on top of it while cooking!

Outdoor gear because even newlyweds should get outside sometimes.

  • Outdoor gear. Even newlyweds should get outside sometimes, so why not start with your camping and hiking gear? You can get them gifts like a new tent, sleeping bags or backpacks. If you’re looking for something more practical, consider getting them a new stove or lanterns.
  • Outdoor cooking equipment: If they don’t already have all the necessary tools for outdoor cooking (and if they’re not interested in learning how to use them), then maybe give them some options here—like pots and pans that are easy to clean up after use without leaving behind any residue. Or perhaps something more specific like a pressure cooker so there’s less time spent on cleanup afterward!
  • Outdoor furniture: There’s nothing quite as lovely as sitting outside at night under twinkling stars while sipping wine next to each other—but if this isn’t going anywhere near happening…well…then consider getting them something else instead! Maybe something smaller like an umbrella stand since those things always look nice sitting atop tables when guests come over unexpectedly?”

Outdoor patio set

  • Patio set: This is the most basic option, and it’s perfect for couples who want to add a little extra flair to their backyard. It comes with an umbrella, which can be used as a table for drinks or snacks on warm days (or any other time).
  • Patio set with chair and table: If you love being outside but don’t want to be too far from your house, this is the way to go! The chairs are small enough that they won’t take up much space in your yard, but big enough that they’ll still be comfortable when you need them. Plus all of these features come together at once: an umbrella, table/chairs combo—it’s all rolled into one package deal!
  • Patio set with chairs and table plus umbrella: This type of setup gives couples more flexibility than ever before because not only do they have everything they need right there at hand; no more worrying about where those items will go after purchase either–they’re already assembled! Plus since these items are portable (meaning they can be moved around easily), couples living together can enjoy their outdoor space even when it rains outside–without having messy umbrellas soaking everything up inside their homes.”

All couples can benefit from registering for things they need.

All couples can benefit from registering for things they need. Registry is a great way to get what you want, but no one wants to register for something that they don’t actually need.

With the right registry, your guests will be able to help you find exactly the kind of gift that’s right for your relationship. They’ll also have an opportunity to make memories together while they save money on their own purchases at the same time!


Remember that couples can sometimes be on a tight budget, so it’s all the more important to do your research before spending a lot of money on something that seems cool but isn’t worth it after all. The most important thing is to make sure you find something special and unique for every couple, but also keep in mind they may have different tastes and wants than you do!

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