Las Vegas Fashionista’s Guide To What To Wear In Las Vegas

If you’re thinking about going to Las Vegas for the holidays, your fashion choices will be as unique as the entertainment available in this city. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the amazing outfits you can wear, whether you’re attending a show or just sightseeing.

Although Las Vegas seems like the perfect place to let loose and not care about what you look like, it is always good to plan a vacation wardrobe before you go. Figure out your likes and dislikes: what clothes make you feel comfortable, what outfits you love, and how you’d like to be stylish on your trip.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you plan your Vegas looks easily. Your clothes will always be on point and picture-ready, and all you have to do now is scroll down to find everything you need to know. So, go ahead and take a look.


  • To enjoy your trip to the Grand Canyon, bring comfortable shoes. Don’t wear flip-flops or sneakers that don’t support your feet, because you’ll be doing a lot of walking.
  • Be sure to wear a lot of sunscreen here, as this desert city is notorious for setting skin on fire. If you go swimming in the middle of the night, be sure to use a waterproof brand, too.
  • You can add interest to your appearance with accessories, such as sunglasses and jewelry.
  • If you like to explore, go explore the rest of the city: There’s a whole lot more going on in this town than just the Strip.


  • Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not in order to fit in with a group of friends. You can be yourself and still have fun.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, not just for a night out, but for any extended walk.   And don’t get cocky because you’ve worn heels before conditions like cobblestone, and uneven surfaces, and walking quickly can make it easy to twist your ankle.
  • The line between having fun and overdoing your outfit’s appeal is a fine one. A costume that has too much going on that looks dangerous or that is overly revealing can turn people off from your costume.
  • Channel your taste for bling without being ostentatious.

Guide To What To Wear In Las Vegas

Unless you live in Vegas, what to wear in Vegas can be a bit of a puzzle. In Summer it’s hot and comfortable to be in shorts, tank tops, and sandals, yet the casinos will frown at bare legs.

There’s a lot of walking involved when sightseeing the Vegas strip so women don’t want to be in high heels for long or dress like a hooker. So explore this guide and find what you’re looking for.

1. Rompers Or Playsuits

Rompers Or Playsuits

Regardless of what you wear, some people will be dressed to the nines, and others wearing little more than pajamas or comfy athleisure. To find the right balance between looking stylish and being comfortable, I suggest wearing a romper or jumpsuit.

2. The Day The colors during the day are Bold or Vibrant

The Day The colors during the day are Bold or Vibrant

If you spend your days in Las Vegas hopping from casino to club, there’s, even more, to see and do during the night. There’s a lot going on at any hour of the day, so 24 hours aren’t enough unless you plan to be at your hotel all day. The bright lights and bold colors of Vegas are reflected in your sunglasses, shoes, outfits, and even accessories, like this bright pink purse.

3. The LBD, A Velvet Dress, An asymmetrical

The LBD, A Velvet Dress, An asymmetrical

When going to Las Vegas, you’ll need to have a dress for each day, as the heat will make you sweat through your nice cocktail dress. Be sure to bring plenty of extra clothing while you’re gambling or clubbing.

There is something fun about getting dressed up in a velvet dress and matching it to the grandeur of the nightclub. Or, you can go chic with an asymmetrical dress and pumps, or classic with a bodycon LBD. Whatever you decide to wear, your outfit can never be too elaborate.

4. The Fancy Swimsuit

The Fancy Swimsuit

One of the best things to do on a day when you don’t feel like getting out of bed is to lounge by the pool in style. When you’re in Vegas, everything happens in style, so either jump into the pool or sip on your frozen cocktail while lounging by the poolside. And don’t let anyone tell you differently—nobody’s judging you for what you’re wearing.

5. Accessories


As you prepare for parties, especially during the summer months, take advantage of opportunities to dress up with accessories like rhinestone clutches, body jewelry, and statement neckpieces. Another great way to wear accessories is by putting on a hat. It can be a fedora during the day or a party hat at night.

6. Comfortable & Kickass Footwear

Comfortable & Kickass Footwear

Although most people don’t think about it, choosing the right footwear for a Vegas vacation is vital. A visit to Las Vegas presents most travelers with an array of tourist activities and an even greater number of things to see and do. In fact, most tourists find Vegas to be such a busy place that they can’t seem to fit everything into one trip.

It can be hard to walk in high heels, let alone stand/work in them all day. Wear flats and shoes that are comfortable while you’re working—when I’m working, I wear flats or closed-toe shoes with a bit of a heel. This way, when I get home, I can throw on a pair of heels.

7. On-point & Vibrant Makeup

On-point & Vibrant Makeup

There are a lot of neat accessories you can wear in Vegas, but it’s the crazy makeup that really gets everyone talking. It takes confidence to pull off some of these looks, which is why we made it our mission to find the most outrageous and unique eye makeup lines to match every personality type.

Vegas is a place where people are free to be themselves. Yet, being unique doesn’t mean you’re trying too hard. Sometimes even the most eccentric makeup wouldn’t look right if it wasn’t in proportion to your outfit. Still, overall, experiment with the crazier shades of lipstick you may never wear otherwise.

Some Places To Visit In Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip is an entertainment hub, and the most exciting part of the city—a tourist haven, where travelers can count on gaudy hotels, casino resorts, high-end restaurants, and shopping centers selling souvenirs at unbeatable prices.

  • The Bellagio’s fountains, made famous by their performances in the movie Ocean’s Eleven, and Cirque de Soleil.
  • When you ride the gondola at Venetian, you’ll feel as though you’ve floated over to Europe for a visit.
  • The Mob and Neon museums are both fun, touristy spots in downtown Las Vegas. If you’re a history buff, you’ll enjoy visiting the sites.
  • Since we’re so close to your location, we hope you’ll take advantage of the nearby attractions like Red Rock Canyon Park and Hoover Dam. Or even the Grand Canyon.
  • The lights, shows, and general atmosphere of this city are sure to keep you on an artificial high long after your vacation is over. So while in Vegas, feel free to let yourself go.


Next to the multitude of sights and sounds, hotels, casinos, and shows, perhaps one of your main concerns regarding your trip to Las Vegas is what to wear. We hope that our guide has been helpful and will help you have a better time whatever time of year you may be in Las Vegas.

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