Unique Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Adults And Kids

What are some outdoor birthday party ideas for adults and kids? If you’re like me, then you enjoy entertaining guests and especially the children. If you don’t have enough space in your home or yard to host a party, then it probably wouldn’t be a surprise that you’re stuck when it comes to pondering some good birthday party ideas for your friends and children.

Unique And Exciting Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

If you find yourself hosting an outdoor birthday party for the kids, there are a few things you should consider to make their day enjoyable. I’ll give you some ideas that worked for our children, as well as things we wish we would have done differently. After having three children of my own and planning many parties for other families with children, I have learned a few things along the way when it comes to holding an outdoor birthday party for kids.

1. Birthday Bonfire

kids Birthday Bonfire

If you want to make your kid’s outdoor birthday party memorable, you can definitely do it by planning a camping activity. The excitement of a camping night will be more fun and entertaining. Plus, kids will also enjoy activities like stargazing, playing cards or board games, reading scary and exciting stories, and having a barbeque.

2. Birthday Backyard Camping

kids Birthday Backyard Camping

Hammocks, tents, sleeping bags, and of course a campfire – all in your backyard! It’s time to turn your backyard into a campground. Believe it or not, that\’s possible even if you are not an outdoor-type camper. When the kids get bored for the fifth night in a row in their rooms, teach them that adventures and fun can be had without ever leaving home, by setting up a makeshift campground in your back yard.

3. Birthday Beach Day

kids Birthday Beach Day

One of the most important days for a kid is his or her birthday. It is a day when all the special things happen and when all their wishes come true. It is difficult to plan all the things you want, but don’t worry! Below are some ideas to organize a child’s birthday party, outside or near the beach.

4. Backyard Sports Party

Backyard Sports Party

Turn your child’s birthday party into a sports-themed celebration by setting up the backyard for badminton, cricket, or basketball. Let the kids dunk you in the dunk tank and have a water balloon fight. Serve snacks that kids like best—along with some sweets and chocolates.

5. Bouncy Castle And Entertainer

Bouncy Castle And Entertainer

If you are planning a child’s birthday party, you might consider renting a bouncy castle or trampoline for the occasion. You can arrange for games where children must climb atop the castle and balance along beams to win prizes, or hire an artist to enhance the occasion with humor and fun.

6. DIY Activities Or Paint Party

DIY Activities Or Paint Party

If you prefer to spend your own birthday outdoors, you can offer guests a DIY project, such as origami, arts and crafts, and face painting. Adults can join the kids and decorate their jars with paint; glitter; stickers; or leftover craft items. This is a fun way to pass the time while mingling with everyone at an outdoor birthday party.

7. Birthday Scavenger Hunt

kids Birthday Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt game is an exciting and festive addition to an outdoor birthday party. Create teams by splitting up the guests, providing clues to each team, and asking them to find hidden objects around the space. Whoever finds the most objects wins the prize! Theme-based scavenger hunts can be arranged to keep your party guests engaged and entertained.

Having a party outside can be a great way to host a memorable event that everyone will enjoy. Turn the page and check out some great ideas for how to make your next party outdoors a hit!

Fantastic Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Are you throwing an outdoor birthday party for an adult? Or perhaps you’re looking for a new twist to your annual pool party? This is where our website can help. We bring you the best outdoor birthday party ideas with everything you need to organize a fun poolside bash or cook a charcoal cookout. It’s simple to scroll through the gallery or use our interactive search feature to find your perfect outdoor birthday idea in seconds.

1. Beer And BBQ Birthday Party

Beer And BBQ Birthday Party

An outdoor birthday party can be a lot of fun. Set up an outside barbecue, and arrange some chairs and tables so you can sit comfortably while you enjoy the food, drinks, and company. It’s also a good idea to have some games on hand in case people want to play.

2. Cocktail Birthday Party

Cocktail Birthday Party

Plan an evening cocktail party with family and friends. Adorn the tables with a few bar stools or a couple of tables for guests to put their drinks down. Ask your guests to contribute the ingredients for a signature drink, or have them showcase their mixology skills by creating original cocktails. String lights and floating candles will set the mood in this outdoor space. Serve cheese platters and nachos to your guests as they sip on their favorite cocktail.

3. Hiking And Picnic

Hiking And Picnic

If you’re looking for a relaxing day outdoors, try hiking in the mountains or strolling along forest trails. When you’ve had enough exercise, play some outdoor games like frisbee, cricket, or football. Then sit down and enjoy your picnic lunch with friends.

4. Tour A Vineyard

Tour A Vineyard

Take a drive to your local vineyard with friends. You can tour the vines, learn about how grapes are turned into wine, and taste refreshing drinks and champagne.

5. Art On The Lawn

Art On The Lawn

Make sure to include fun art-making activities like pottery painting, mirror painting, DIY soap making, and full-body painting on a big canvas in your guest list. These ventures will help your guests feel included, and everyone can express themselves through art and create beautiful memories.

6. Pool Birthday Party

Pool Birthday Party

If your birthday occurs during the summer, you’ll have the chance to host a pool party. You can ask your friends and family to bring their swim trunks and bikinis. You can also play some fun games like water volleyball and water racing.

7. Outdoor Dinner Party

Outdoor Dinner Party

To celebrate the “day of you,” plan a party. Invite your friends and family to your favorite restaurant, where you can all enjoy delicious food and good conversation. You might even consider arranging for a local singer or musician to perform at the party.

Decorations And Food Ideas For Outdoor Birthday Party

Decorations And Food Ideas For Outdoor Birthday Party

  • Decorate your parties with banners and balloons, specially designed for outdoor use.
  • Choose outdoor string lights or LED lanterns for your next party.
  • Cute tableware set with colorful plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery will bring liveliness to your outdoor space.
  • Place candles in jars as centerpieces for outdoor tables. String paper lanterns around your pool, or hang them from trees.
  • To keep up your outdoor party theme, choose foods that don’t require cooking such as finger foods that can be eaten in the garden.
  • Put out chips and salsa, taco meat with some lettuce, cheese, and sauce for tacos, a big pile of fries, and some sliders for burgers.
  • Relax in the outdoors with a variety of delicious sandwiches, barbecue spreads, salads and soups, and lemonades while enjoying your picnic table.
  • You might like to invite a few local chefs to prepare a special menu for your friends.

Games And Activities Ideas For Outdoor Birthday Party

Games And Activities Ideas For Outdoor Birthday Party

  • Frisbee-throwing, treasure hunts, cricket matches, and football games will help keep your party lively and entertaining.
  • If you have a small backyard, you can organize games with your children like baby charades, water balloon tosses, and relay races. You can also organize outdoor bingo sessions with family and friends.
  • Invite everyone to participate in photo shoots the outdoors.
  • Organize a chess or badminton competition for young people and their parents.
  • Hire a magician and juggler for an outdoor birthday party if you want to give the kids a show.


We hope this article has helped you come up with unique Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Adults And Kids. We’ve shown you that these don’t need to be complex, expensive, or time-consuming. What’s more, they certainly don’t need to take place in the great outdoors!

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