How To Clean Canvas Sneakers A Guide For Beginners

How To Clean Canvas Sneakers: A Guide For Beginners

Do you have canvas sneakers? Have they gotten dirty? How to clean them is the question. Here’s what I recommend when it comes to cleaning canvas sneakers

A Guide For Beginners

So you want to clean your canvas sneakers so they look brand new. Great! I hope this guide will help you because it really isn’t that hard. Canvas sneakers are in style and more people want to buy them, but there are some people who don’t know how to properly clean their shoes with rainwater. I hope you don’t get a yellow scum mark on your casual shoes. After reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to clean your dirty canvas sneakers with water from the sink or rainwater.

1. Use a Toothbrush and Nylon Pad to Clean Excess Dirt 

Use a Toothbrush and Nylon Pad to Clean Excess Dirt 

If you want to get rid of scuff marks on canvas sneakers, start by rinsing them with warm water inside and out and scrubbing the outsides, insides, and liners with a toothbrush and a mixture of water and mild detergent. Rinse with clean, cool water. If you still see stubborn marks, you can scrub them gently with a nylon pad, rinsing as you go. If the liners still smell like foot odor, you can scrub them with a paste of baking soda and water.

To clean white canvas sneakers, pour a solution of one part water to five parts bleach into a bucket. Soak the sneakers for about 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. For colored sneakers, spot-check a small area for colorfastness first. If you don’t want to risk fading or bleaching out the colors in your sneakers, just dampen them and clean them as directed above, then use a leather cleaner on any leather parts.

2. Clean Laces in Wash

Clean Laces in Wash

Cleaning your laces will help them look as good as new. Follow these simple steps to clean your laces: throw them in the wash with a load of like-colored laundry and let them air dry when done.

3. Wipe Away Excess Mud

If you get mud on your sneakers, let them dry before cleaning them. You can knock off any loose dirt by smacking the sneakers on pavement or by tapping the soles together over a trash can or newspaper. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any remaining caked-on dirt and then take out the laces.

4. Use a Shoe Polish on Excess Stains

Use a Shoe Polish on Excess Stains

When your sneakers are completely dry, put in new inserts and clean laces. If you still see stains, lightly dab on some white liquid shoe polish. Some manufacturers even suggest spraying the tops of new canvas sneakers with a fabric protector before you wear them—but first, check the care instructions included with the sneakers to make sure this won’t damage them.

5. Stuff the Sneakers with Paper

Stuff the Sneakers with Paper

When you’re done washing your sneakers, shake off the excess water, then stuff them with crumpled brown paper bags, paper towels, or white office paper. Set them aside to air dry and don’t dry them near a fireplace or heater—direct heat breaks down canvas fabric and causes it to become dry and brittle.


Hopefully, with this guide and the tips we’ve provided, you’ll be better equipped to clean canvas sneakers. Not only will this keep them looking new for longer, but it should also ensure that you wear and enjoy your sneakers for longer. Whether you’re trying to clean a new pair of yours or a friend’s have confidence that with just a little bit of time and patience, you can get done.

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