15 Best Coachella Outfit Ideas For Women That Are Stylish

15 Best Coachella Outfit Ideas For Women That Are Stylish

Are you heading to Coachella outfit for women? If you are, I have some outfit ideas for you! I know that it can be overwhelming considering there are thousands of people attending this annual festival. So, we’ve created a guide that makes it easy for you to make outfits based on your personality, style, and tastes.

What is Coachella Style?

The style at Coachella is typically simple and comfortable—one-piece florals, flowing dresses, shorts, miniskirts… Bohemian chic at its best. The event takes place in the middle of a desert in California, with temperatures ranging between 80 to 100 degrees.

If you’re going to wear denim, make sure it’s lightweight and comfortable (and cool!). Cotton dresses, linen pants, shorts, and maxi skirts are all ideal for this type of weather—you get the drift.

Best Celebrity Coachella Outfit Ideas for women

If you want to look thinner in a formfitting outfit, wear high-rise jeans with flowy tops, pencil skirts, shirts, and LBDs. The straight lines of these garments help elongate your body.

You can also play around with accessories, proportions, and layering to look graceful. Remember, though: When wearing a form-fitting outfit, confidence is key, and the right attitude will project an air of sophistication no matter what you’re wearing.

Trust me, it will all be worth it. The music you’ll hear, the people you’ll meet, the food you’ll eat; it’s all incredible, and I don’t use that word very often. But let’s get to the point—what are some hot looks for Coachella? We’ve got a few ideas.

1. Queen Of Coachella Vanessa Hudgens’ Outfit

Queen Of Coachella Vanessa Hudgens’ Outfit

How do we start a Coachella post without mentioning Vanessa Hudgens, the festival’s unofficial “Queen” and a fashion icon? She has been attending Coachella every year and seems to have figured out how to nail the style. Hudgens is a fashion icon with a strong following on social media.

Her style is all about sunglasses, colorful and printed separates, boho accessories, bindi, hats, boots, and tons of glitter. If you’re looking for a Coachella-style inspiration, now you know who to follow!

2. Rihanna’s Diamond Studded Coachella Outfit

Rihanna is honestly the best thing to happen to us. Let’s establish that! From her music to her style, Rihanna has us hooked, and she keeps on wowing us with her outfits at Coachella. Whether it’s a flirty mini-dress or head-to-toe glitter, Rihanna makes it work. And if this doesn’t inspire you to step up your Summer style game, I don’t know what will.

3. Kendall Jenner’s Coachella Outfit

Kendall Jenner’s Coachella Outfit

If you’re looking for some style inspiration and ideas for Coachella, look at Kendall Jenner. Her Egyptian Bohemian vibe is everything we need if we’re headed to Indio, California this time of the year. A side slit skirt, head accessory, ankle boots, and some glitter – that’s what Coachella dreams are made of!

4. Bohemian Style Skirt And Crop Top

Bohemian Style Skirt And Crop Top

Carrying a capsule wardrobe allows you to travel light, but you still need to look stylish. Bring one versatile piece of clothing like a Bohemian skirt, shorts, or a chambray shirt and play around with it.

Here’s a floral skirt that sets the mood right. Pair it with a crop top one day and an off-shoulder the next. Nobody will notice anything except that you are on top of your fashion game.

5. Cargo Pants And One-Sided Tops

Cargo Pants And One-Sided Tops

It’s not often that you get to wear crazy stuff, so go all out during the music festival. Wear three-quarter pants and crop tops, ankle boots, and a hat. Make sure your boots are old enough and comfy enough to deal with really hot days. Also make sure you don’t forget the shuttling between stages and concerts, as well as the endless walking.

6. One Piece Summer Dress

One Piece Summer Dress

If you’re going to a summer festival, throw on one-piece cotton dresses. Wear pom earrings and wedges with it along with oversized sunglasses. Don’t forget a big bamboo hat to keep the sun off of your face while you’re at the festival.

7. Ruffled Skirt And Denim Jacket

Ruffled Skirt And Denim Jacket

I am a die-hard denim jacket fan, so I recommend bringing one to wear over everything else you’re going to put on for Coachella. Pair it with a floaty skirt and gladiator sandals, and carry a clutch on one side.

8. Bodysuit And A Kimono Dress

Bodysuit And A Kimono Dress

If you have an important event to attend, a bodysuit is a good buy for your wardrobe. I’d suggest choosing one that’s both versatile and in style right now. Add a layer to give your outfit definition—a kimono dress can be worn as a dress or used as an eye-catching top layer.

9. Off-Shoulder Playsuit

Off-Shoulder Playsuit

A playsuit is a great option for daytime events—airy, comfortable, and stylish. You can wear it with a pair of aviators, a fine body chain, a choker, and beachy waves.

10. Denim Skirt And Crochet Top

Denim Skirt And Crochet Top
The outfit should be lightweight and breezy, perfect for the warm and humid climate of Coachella. Moreover, it is taking place in a desert, in the middle of nowhere, and you’re going to want to wear items that are fashionable yet comfortable.

11. Strip Palazzos, Crop Top, And Hat

Strip Palazzos, Crop Top, And Hat
This Coachella outfit is so comfortable and stylish you won’t want to take it off. These dresses are just the thing for festivals because they are both comfy and cute. Hats make all the difference, so carry one around with you so you’re ready for any occasion!

12. Denim And Chambray Shirt

Denim And Chambray Shirt

If you’re like most people, then you’re crazy about your jeans. And as long as they’re comfy, they’ll work with anything from a tank top to a plaid shirt, whether it’s denim or cotton.

13. White Lace Dress

White Lace Dress

A lace dress like the one above is a timeless and elegant choice. You can recreate the look by pairing it with a silk slip, aviator sunglasses, and gladiator flats.

14. Crochet Kimono

Crochet Kimono

Coachella is a great opportunity to wear your most recent spring clothing purchases. Try jeans with that crocheted kimono, or trade out your usual monotone of khaki pants and button-down shirts for linen pants and cotton shirts. And don’t forget your chunky jewelry—it will complete the look.

15. Bandana, Hat, And Other Boho Accessories

Bandana, Hat, And Other Boho Accessories

Accessories can turn a basic outfit into something dazzling. Take a hat, head or neck scarf, glitter, tribal jewelry, scarves, or boots to jazz up your outfits. Consider packing some regular clothes that you can turn funky in order to create a variety of looks.

If you’re planning to go to Coachella for the first time, it’s essential to know what to wear in order to stand out. You need clothes that are comfortable and breathable, so you can dance the night away. One of the most popular outfits at Coachella is a loose dress or skirt with an airy crop top or a bandeau. Add a kimono—or any other fun accessory—to make your outfit even more unique.

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