25 Best Lady Shaver for Intimate Areas In 2022

20 Best Lady Shaver for Intimate Areas In 2024

Are you looking for the best lady shaver for intimate areas? As you may know, using razors that aren’t designed to shave certain parts of your body can lead to cuts and other nasty injuries.

A high quality shaver that is specifically designed for intimate areas of the body provides a safe, smooth, and easy shave. But which are the best lady shavers? To answer this question, we have reviewed several different options available today to help you on your quest for the best lady shaver.

Best Lady Shaver for Intimate Areas

The best shaver for intimate areas should easily give you the best results, both with safety and comfort. To reduce the risk of cuts or burns, you should choose an electric shaver that is of high precision.

The reviews I’ve included in this review will highlight some of the best electric shavers on the market right now. These lady’s shavers are suitable for all skin types or any part of the body like the face and legs.

1. Cordless Shaver Set for Intimate Areas

Intimate Cordless Barber Grooming Sets

This titanium trimmer is made with a convenient rechargeable battery and is specially designed to trim away stray hair with confidence, without skin irritation or burning. Achieve salon quality results without spending an arm and a leg like most high end trimmers and groomers. This trimmer kit comes equipped with everything you need to look your best!

It is a compact portable trimmer. Ideal for travel that includes a cleaning brush and storage pouch. This hair trimmer is perfect for trimming the bikini area, underarms, and legs, but it can also be used to groom the eyebrows.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • Designed for smooth, sharp, frosted design
  • Chamfered to prevent skin scratches
  • Blades are washable and also can be removed
  • powerful and advanced electromagnetic motor
  • Low noise and safety blades
  • Suitable for kids or toddlers haircut
  • Built-in rechargeable 1200mAh premium and safer Lithium-Ion battery cell powers the motor
  • Multipurpose clipper combines, styling, cleaning brush, instructions, charger with USB connected

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2. Smooth Silky Body shaver

Smooth Silky Body trimmer

This Smooth & Silky Body & Bikini Kit from Remington offers multiple attachments for maintaining and trimming all body areas with comfort and precision. The dual-sided trimmer features a bi-directional trimmer on one side and a narrow foil shaver on the other, along with four attachments that offer complete customization.

It comes with the Trim and Shape Head for trimming and shaping eyebrows. Use the Shave Head for underarms, legs and bikini area. Use the Detail Head for brows, bikini area, and anywhere that needs a more delicate touch. Use the Exfoliation Brush for use in gentle exfoliation of arms, legs, elbows, knees, and feet.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • Foil Shaver for close
  • Fast touch-ups
  • Xfoliator attachment

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3. Painless Remover Cordless shaver

Painless Remover Cordless Trimmer

This electric razor delivers a close and smooth shaving experience, with no cuts, nicks or any other irritations. Its LED light and 3d rotary floating heads allow you to use it in the shower with your favorite foam or gel to get even better results.

It is designed with 4 floating heads that are individually suspended to adjust to every curve of your body for a close shave and a safe bikini trimming. Its hypoallergenic stainless-steel blades and foils are gentle on all skin types, avoiding irritation on your underarms, bikini zone, and legs whether wet or dry. The shaving machine protects you from pain and quickly removes peach fuzz and any unwanted fine hairs.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • High quality multi-functional
  • 5 Full floating interchangeable 18K gold plated heads which follow the natural contours of the skin to remove
  • Blades designed with anti-allergic material are not in direct contact with skin
  • Portable and convenient requires no water or soap can be used anywhere

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4. Cordless Rechargeable shaver

Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer

The Silk-épil 9 9-720 electric epilator for women, featuring breakthrough MicroGrip tweezer technology and MicroGrip tweezer heads that remove hair 4x shorter than wax does.

The Braun Silk-Epil 9 Wet & Dry epilator is most efficient on short hairs, removing it 4x shorter than wax does. This cordless hair removal device provides up to 4 weeks of smooth skin. Includes 5 extras: an exfoliation brush, electric razor, high frequency massage cap, skin contact cap, and deep massage pad.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • Easier and more efficient hair removal
  • Micro-Grip tweezer technology
  • 100% waterproof

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5. Intimate Shaver Shaping Tool 

Intimate Shaping Tool

This is an intimate lady grooming kit for shaping your bikini area and correcting the hairlines. It has the following features: 1. 3 shave templates: Heart + Straight + Triangle, 2. Textured grip for control, 3. Use in and out of the shower 4. A storage pouch to store the shaver.

This set of three triangles, a heart, and a straight edge shaver pay attention to every curve from your bikini line to your inner thighs. Enjoy extra grooming options for the intimate area with this women’s cordless shaver. The ergonomic, anti-slip grip gives you complete control when trimming and shaving curves. The wide blade on the side of this multitool shaves larger areas quickly and precisely.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • 1 Shaping Tool + 1 Razor
  • To cut and remove unwanted hair
  • high quality razor, suitable for whole body shaving

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6. Women Bikini shaver

Women Bikini Trimmer

This rechargeable bikini trimmer can trim and shape your hair quickly and gently. It is suitable for the whole body. Included four replaceable heads, you can choose the appropriate one for intimate body parts. There is LED light on the epilator head to show the cutting status of the blade and help find even the smallest hairs. Perfect for removing unwanted hair from lips, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini lines.Features: Made of high-quality ABS material, durable enough for a long time use.4 in 1 design, meet your different needs.Rechargeable design with cordless use, convenient to operate. Adjustable speed, the epilator can rotate at low speed or high speed according to hair volume and your needs, very easy to use.

There is LED light on the epilator head to show the cutting status of the blade and help find even the smallest hairs. Portable size makes it convenient to carry out or take it along on your trip. Suitable for the whole body, perfect for removing unwanted hair from lips, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini lines.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • Smooth & Comfortable Multifunctional
  • This women’s trimmer 4 In 1 electric hair remover set comes with 4 different water-proof shaving heads
  • Equipped with 3D floating electric razor heads made of aerospace-grade stainless steel
  • Charge the electric bikini razor with any DC5V adapter
  • Allowing you to use it whether in wet or dry condition
  • This electric shaver is washable

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7. Portable Waterproof Bikini shaver

Portable Waterproof Bikini Trimmer

This hair remover for women is made of skin friendly material to get a close shave without hurting your skin. Everything you need for body care and facial care,

This electric lady shaver is the go-to trimmer for women, offering everything you need for a smooth and gorgeous body. The Precision Comfort Head pivots to follow the contours of your body, so you can quickly and conveniently remove hair on your legs, underarms use the Bikini Trimmer Head with three different trimming combs to help you achieve your favorite look. Finally, gently glide the Facial Hair Trimmer head over your face or other sensitive areas to remove stubborn hair that waxing cannot catch.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • 2 replacement heads, large body shaver, and small facial face epilators.
  • The electric groomers with hypoallergenic stainless steel blades and ultra-thin foil follow body contours for a quick
  • Waterproof razor
  •  Super long lifespan
  • 1.5 hours charging allows 60 minutes of shaving time
  •  This women’s trimmer shaver with 2-in-1 replacement heads

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8. Hair Remover with 4 Trimming Combs shaver

Hair Remover with 4 Trimming Combs

This Electric Razor for Women is designed not just to shave or trim the hair, but also to trim bikini hairs at the same time. It will help you have a smooth, body/bikini line in minutes. With this women’s hair trimmer/shaver, you can easily and time-savingly keep your body dry or wet. The electric women’s shaver for shaving underarms, legs, and bikini line, any wet-dry, and sensitive skin area. Its tiny hypo-allergenic blade trims safely without pulling and pinching and provides a close, comfortable shave on sensitive skin.

This electric shaver for women has three shaving heads. You can also shave the armpit hair and the hair in the arm, bikini area, and leg. The trimmer has 4 trimming combs and you can adjust a suitable length to shave your hair.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel blade
  • A vertical design, a comfortable grip handle, and a press button
  • With the waterproof function
  • Easily charged by multiple devices like power bank, computer, laptop and socket thanks to a USB cable provided
  • 2 Hour full charging for 150 minutes cordless shaving

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9. Intimate Grooming Razors shaver

Intimate Grooming Razors

The first-ever Bikini Trimmer with a protective cover, the Venus Bikini Precision kit features an easy-to-use open blade that makes it easier to see while you trim. The unique oval shape follows your natural curves and gets so close, to help you avoid unwanted nicks and cuts in those hard-to-reach areas. Grow your hair out between trims and use the cover as a guide for a perfectly even trim every time. An Assortment of 3 Replacement Heads For Braun Series 5 Shavers.

Trim and shave to your desired style with this women’s bikini trimmer and razor. This intimate tool can be used as a bikini shaver or a bikini trimmer to get exactly the length you want. Use one of several comb settings on the Venus razor to easily trim hair to 1, 3, or 4 millimeters. When you’re ready for a close, smooth shave, simply remove the comb and use the precision blade.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • These razors have a patented irritation defense bar for a smooth shave with blades
  • sharpest blades easily cut through hair
  • small head and a precision Trimmer on the back of the blades
  • Dermatologist and gynecologist tested
  • protect pubic skin from shave irritation

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10. TrimStyle Moisturizing Bikini shaver

TrimStyle Moisturizing Bikini Trimmer

This unique 2-in-1 razor is the perfect grooming solution for both wet and dry shaving. With a water-activated Moisture Ribbon that releases botanical oils, this razor leaves your skin feeling smooth even after you put it down. The integrated bikini trimmer offers a convenient way to trim and shape unwanted hair, easily rinsing clean under the faucet. Great for use on your legs, bikini area and underarms.

Shave and trim with one handy tool. For those tricky areas around your bikini line, the TrimStyle has an integrated moisturizing bikini trimmer for more precise trimming and shaping, leaving you feeling confidant and carefree. Two blades surrounded by a Ribbon of Moisture ® for a comfortable shave Close-Gripping Twin Blades hold hair for a clean, even shave Bikini Trimmer is safe on sensitive skin.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  •  1 for the ultimate convenience
  • Dermatologist-tested and helps replenish
  • Five curve sensing blades with unique skin guards to smooth skin throughout every stroke
  • Built-in waterproof trimmer
  • Adjustable comb with four settings for a customized trim length and clean look and feel

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11. Best Electric Razor Shaver

Best Electric Razor Shaver

This summer, be ready for the beach or pool with our electric shaver. Featuring a 4D floating head that glides in four directions and pivots to adjust to every curve, it will comfortably shave the legs, arms, lady parts and everywhere in between. When done shaving, just rinse under running water and lay flat to dry. Rechargeable, cordless and compact enough to fit in even the smallest of makeup bags.

Premium Aluminum alloy fuselage, anti-oxidation and long time use.3D floating cutter head, accurately removes micro-hairs in skin.Double layer net structure, skin-friendly and won’t hurt the skin. Mid-frequency vibration up to 6000rpm, strong power and low noise.360° omni-directional rotation ensures every corner shaving for you


Key Features Of  The Product:

  • Womens electric razors, the shaving head of Krovena electric Brazilian shaver is detachable
  • Flawless legs shaver shows the exact electricity capacity and fully charged only cost 1.5H
  • USE 5V1A adapter to charge the shaver.
  • 5V1A adapter, power bank or car charger
  •  IPX7 waterproof makes the electric trimmer convenient and safe to use even in a bath or shower

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12. Rechargeable Electric shaver

Rechargeable Electric Trimer

The Pure Confidence personal groomer is designed to help you look and feel your best. This rechargeable electric trimmer, shaver, and detailer for the face, neck, under arms, eyebrows, and bikini area features a pearl tip trimmer for ultimate comfort during use. The three eyebrow combs create different lengths of hair.

This 3-in-1 body groomer has a precision blade for accurate trimming, a foil shaver for close shaving, and a detail trimmer perfect for hard-to-reach areas. It’s rechargeable, cordless, and comes with 4 attachments to trim the face, underarm area, and bikini line. With its ergonomically shaped handle and soft-grip texture, the Braun Body Groomer makes it easy to shave, trim or detail your body.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • Trimmer for easy painless trimming
  •  rotary shave head for skin smooth finish
  •  This sleek, rechargeable ladies trimmer features 3 interchangeable heads
  •  clean & smooth shaver can be taken virtually anywhere

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13. Womens Razors Bikini shaver

Womens Razors Bikini Trimmer

This rechargeable electric shaver is a painless way to remove unwanted hair. Thanks to its compact size, it can be used at home or when you’re traveling. The built-in LED light lets you see where you’re shaving and helps you avoid missed spots. And, the four length trimmer combs let you customize your look, so that you can sport a bikini line or shave cleanly under your arms.

The ergonomic design lets you trim and shave comfortably at any angle. Designed to use wet or dry, our three-head electric razor glides gently along your body while trimming even the finest hairs. Whisper quiet with four separate combs attachments (1mm, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm ), it is perfect for your most intimate areas as well as your whole body including legs, underarms and bikini line.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • dopts High-quality hypo-allergenic foil head
  • Comfortably and safely shave any unwanted hair for smooth results
  • The ergonomic S-shaped handle is easy to steer for maximum control and better reach all over your body
  • USB Rechargeable for 1 hour of cordless use after a 2-hour charge
  • Can be charged by PC, power bank or direct power connection

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14. Electric Razor for Women

Electric Razor for Women

This electric shaver has a stunning look in elegant rose gold color, It’s fully waterproof so is perfect for dry shaving or wet use in the bath or shower; you can shave your legs right under running water. The razor also comes with two replaceable floating heads to follow your body contours and avoid irritation.

This 2 in 1 RenFox Electric Razor for Women is the perfect choice for you. Trimming, Safe and Effective. This shaver can fulfill all your needs for shaving. With the elegant design, comfortable and flexible materials, this electric shaver combines skin friendly and high efficiency perfect together. Easy to use, cordless and compact, convenient to carry when travel or stay in hotel. You will love our Electric Shaver very much.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • Products with electrical plugs are designed
  • Outlets and voltage differ internationally

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15. Hair Remover shaver 

Hair Remover Trimmer 

This 5 in 1 Electric shaver for women is the best hair trimmer kit on the market! The Waterproof Women’s Travel Shaver is designed especially for wet and dry use. Five attachments provide a close & comfortable shave on all areas of the body. It can also be used safely in shower. Don’t let any surface escape – grooming has never been easier than with this fun bikini razor!

This women’s electric trimmer includes 5 attachments and a rechargeable electric shaver that is perfect for removing unwanted hair on the go or at home. This hair removal for women trimmer for face and body features 4 interchangeable heads for trimming, shaping, and removing hair from sensitive areas including your face, bikini line, legs and underarms.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • This women shaver is equipped with a powerful motor and 3-in-1 self-sharpening blade
  • With 5 functional heads, three shaving heads for different contours
  • Use it with gel or shaving cream
  • extra bikini trimming comb attachment is included
  •  Its built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery of 600mah big capacity and with only 120gram light weight. It delivers 120 minutes
  • 1.5 hours charge, and a 5 minutes’ short time charging is enough for 1-time use

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16. Dry Painless Shaver

Dry Painless Shaver

This rechargeable shaver features a smart design for an easy, smooth shave. The unique three-headed pivoting and flexible head follows the contours of your body for skin that is smooth to the touch. Use it wet or dry – in or out of the shower – for a quick and convenient shave. Designed specifically for women, the shaver leaves no area untouched, shaving and shaping sensitive areas like your bikini line, underarms, legs and more. Simply rinse your few-headed shaver under water after each use.

This girl shaver can remove the unwanted hair easily and painlessly. Safe, portable and easy to use.Perfect for travelling women who like to keep groomed on the go!

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • Purchasing this women electric razors, and you will get 1 three-in-one large area shaver, 1 small-area shaver, eyebrow shaver and face shave
  • comfortably shaver the hair on the face, arms, legs, body, armpits and bikini area without leaving any residue
  • The body hair removal is made of ABS and silicone resin, with a hypoallergenic stainless steel blade and a floating foil blade

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17. Electric Trimmer with Ceramic Blades

Electric Trimmer with Ceramic Blades

This electric razor is designed specifically for women to meet the wet or dry personal shaving, it comfortably removes hair from lip, cheeks, chin and neck and safely shapes hair on bikini line. The bikini head can be removed if you want a clean trimming of your private area. And suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

With USB Charging Remove unwanted hair on your bikini line and underarms with this women’s electric razor for a smooth, long-lasting finish. It has a built-in LED light so you can see stray hairs in hard-to-find areas. You can also use it wet or dry wherever you go. When you’re done, rinse it off to make cleanup simple.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • This electric razors adopts R-angle design,with rust proof ceramic snap-in blades
  • The electric shaver clippers & body groomers features 2 wide blades(20mm/32mm) & 3 kind length guide comb
  • This trimmer  with USB Cable and the battery life of up to 90 minutes
  • This electric trimmer is rechargeable body shaver , with IPX7 proof design for both wet and dry use

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18. Shavers for Women with LED Light

Shavers for Women with LED Light

This Electric Razor for Women is designed especially to trim and clip the shaving of unwanted body hair. This women’s electric razor keeps your skin smooth and free of hair bumps, and the hair removal for legs, arms, underarms and bikini lines.

Electric Silky-Smooth Legs Foil Shaver is the perfect woman’s epilator, with hypoallergenic foil shaver head and trimmer attachment designed specifically for use on sensitive areas of the body. Super comfortable to hold, and you don’t have to charge it before using – simply plug in and it’s ready. Four 3D trimmer floating heads The four-leaf blades are adjustable from 0.8mm to 2.0mm and can be easily adjusted to trim at different lengths according to the needs of trimming/shaving.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • 3 in 1 high-speed and sharp blades
  •  It helps safe and clean shave hair on your body
  •  IPX7 100% waterproof design even in shower make
  • The detachable razor head design much easier to clean the shaving head than others ,you can press the detachable head button

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19. Portable Electric shaver 

Portable Electric Trimmer 

This 5 in 1 women’s electric shaver is equipped with 2 hair removal razor, a body exfoliator, a callus remover, and face epilator. The 2 razors are especially designed for different hair removal needs under arms, bikini lines and legs.

it’s all you need for removal of hair from face and body. This is a set of 5 different tools for high-quality smooth trimming experience: Lady Shaver, Body Trimmer, Nose Hair Trimmer, Eyebrow Razor, Facial Cleansing Brush. It’s the best option for Removing that unwanted hair from legs, underarm, bikini area and keep your eyebrows clean. Small and compact design will make it more comfortable for you to use.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • The electric shaver has 5 replaceable heads. 1 three-in-one large area shaver, 1 nose hair trimmer, 1 small-area shaver, eyebrow shaver and face shave
  •  high-quality electric trimmer
  • The blade is durable
  • The blade head is completely waterproof, Easy to clean, rinse with running water or immerse in a sink

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20. Electric shaver Micro USB Rechargeable

Electric Trimmer Micro USB Rechargeable

This bikini trimmer is well designed for women to remove hair of the most sensitive areas such as face, lips, arms, legs, armpits and private parts. It has 0.6mm shaving head designed to follow your body’s contours to remove unwanted hair gently and quickly in any angle, protect your skin from cuts and make shaving experience safer than any manual razors. Smooth effect makes you feel more confident!

This shaver is a 4 in 1 Multi-Functional Electric Shaver, one person may use different trimming heads with different purposes to get rid of unwanted hair. Waterproof shaver’s head is washable, always keep clean. Ideal gift for family and friends on any occasion. Cute and portable size, easy to carry in your pocket or handbag. It’s perfect for traveling and daily use at home.

Key Features Of  The Product:

  • It can remove excess hair from your face, arms, legs, body, and armpits in a few minutes without any residue
  • High-quality electric hair removal uses low-sensitivity stainless steel blades
  • It can gently remove unwanted hair without leaving scratches, cuts or irritation
  • 2 hours of fast charging can provide 55 minutes of shaving time
  • This lady epilator is small in size and has a small handle

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If you are in the market for a lady shaver, check out our reviews above. We listed the products from most expensive to the cheapest ones and we reviewed each product in great detail, so you can be sure that we did not miss anything important.

There are many components of a lady shaver that will determine if it is the best for your intimate areas, like skin sensitivity and body style. Since the blades are usually the most problematic this should be a deciding factor. Plastic blades usually work the best for sensitive areas, but ceramic blades are more durable. We hope we have helped you find the best lady shaver for you and her curves.

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