5 Baba Ramdev Yoga Asanas That Help Increase Your Height

Did you know that Baba Ramdev is an expert in yoga science? Did you know he’s a renowned name as far as Yoga is concerned? Did you know that one of the traditional methods of increasing height involves yoga? Did you know that many people are using Baba Ramdev yoga asana to grow taller? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. Let me tell you this with the greatest possible reverence Baba Ramdev will solve all your problems.

Best 5 Tips Of Baba Ramdev Yoga For Height Increase

Here are Baba Ramdev’s top five methods for increasing height. According to Baba Ramdev, these asanas should be done daily for three months. The result is visible in about three months.

1. Bhujangasana


The asana, one of the most popular poses in yoga, works on your abdominal muscles, upper back muscles, and lower back muscles. It’s also a position that Baba Ramdev, a famous Indian yoga instructor, recommends to his students to help increase their height.

Bhujangasana Steps

  • Lie on the ground, stretch your body out with your feet against the floor and your hands under your shoulders.
  • You can achieve a more controlled and stable posture by pressing your lower body against the floor.
  • Raise your chest and most of the torso off the floor by straightening your arms. Keep your pubis on the floor and make sure that the backbend is even along the spine.
  • Tuck your belly in, pull your abs tight, and roll your shoulders back. Bend your neck backward to work out the kinks.
  • Grasp the pose for 30 seconds.
  • After you have exhaled and are lying flat on your back, inhale.

2. Hasta-Padasana


The Hasta-Padasana is a variation of the Padasana. It will help you increase your height as it lengthens your spine and stretches your hamstrings at the same time.

Hasta-Padasana Steps

  • Lie facedown on the floor with your feet flat on the floor and your hands under your shoulders.
  • Press down firmly with your lower body.
  • Lie face down on the floor, inhale, and lift your upper chest and most of the torso off the floor by straightening your arms. Make sure your pubis does not leave the floor and keep a slight bend in the lower back.
  • To stretch your neck, try this: Tuck in your belly button, tighten your abdominal muscles and roll your shoulders back. Then bend your neck backward.
  • Hold the position for 30 seconds, stay there!
  • Exhale as you lower yourself back to the mat.

3. Sarvangasana


Sarvangasana is one of the more difficult asanas. If you practice it consistently, however, you should become more adept at it over time. This inversion asana benefits the skin, hair, and thyroid gland among other things.

Sarvangasana Tips

  • Lie on your back with your head turned to the side, knees bent, and abs tight.
  • Tighten the muscles of your legs, lift them up, and pull your shoulders back as you raise your butt and back off the floor.
  • Support your back with your hand, and keep your body as straight as possible.
  • Hold the pose for a minute, then switch sides.
  • To return to the original position, first lower your knees to your forehead. Then, bring your spine back to the ground. Finally, lay straight on the ground.

4. Adho-MukhaSvanasana


This asana is a favorite of yogis. It helps in weight loss, and strengthens the arm muscles, abs, and leg muscles. It stretches the lower body as well as the upper body. This makes it perfect for increasing height.

Adho-MukhaSvanasana Tips

  • Come to the ground on all fours, with your palms and knees in contact with the floor and your toes curled under.
  • Now push your hips up, lift your butt in the air, and straighten your knees.
  • Keep your hands at chest level.
  • Gently stretch your spine by bringing it back towards your legs, and try to touch your heels to the ground.
  • Hold the pose for 40 seconds, then come back to the original position.

5. Trikonasana


Trikonasana strengthens legs, arms, and chest muscles. It also benefits the hips, knees, and ankles. The asana opens the hip; stretches hamstrings, and calf muscles, and opens up the chest. It helps in realigning the spine, and improving the equilibrium of the body.

Trikonasana Tips

  • Please stand up straight with your feet apart.
  • Lie on your right side, with your left foot pointing straight and your right foot pointed to the right.
  • Inhale, then exhale and reach your right arm toward your right foot as you bend to the right side.
  • When you bend, your arms should form a straight line that stretches all the way to your right foot, and one arm should be touching your left foot.
  • Make sure you are not leaning too far forward or backward. Stretch as much as you can, opening your chest and stretching your back. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.
  • Get outside on a clear day and look up at the sky.
  • Can you stretch out your arms and then bring them down, like this.


If you are not happy with your height then yoga is one such solution for increasing your height. Baba Ramdev Yoga Asanas have proved to be effective in increasing the height of many. If you pay regular visits to a yoga center And try these Baba Ramdev Yoga Asanas, you will definitely see a marked difference in your height. Follow these asanas for at least 90 days and see for yourself.

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