9 Easy Ways To Soften Denim or Make Jeans More Comfortable

9 Easy Ways To Soften Denim or Make Jeans More Comfortable

There are times when you need to have a pair of Soften Denim or Make Jeans More Comfortable. Once you’ve found the right pair it’s a great idea to be able to soften your jeans as they tend to get stiff after multiple washes. The following are some tips that can help make your pair of jeans more comfortable.

Make your jeans more comfortable

It’s that time of year when jeans are more relevant than ever. But, instead of just spending your hard earned cash on more pairs of the same pair of jeans, you can take the extra time to make sure you get the maximum benefit from your purchase.

1. Soften With a Vinegar Soak

Soften With a Vinegar Soak

To soften your jeans, make a softening solution of hot tap water and white vinegar. Add one cup of regular white vinegar to eight cups of hot tap water in a bucket or plastic tub. Place your jeans into the solution, making sure they are fully immersed in the liquid, and let them sit for several hours or overnight. This solution can not only soften denim, but also help preserve color in dark rinse jeans and prevent dye bleeding when your jeans are brand new.

If you’re concerned about your jeans smelling like salt and vinegar chips, just know that the vinegar odor will dissipate as soon as your jeans dry.

2. Remove Clothing Tags

First, you should cut off any tags from the inside of your new jeans. Use sharp and pointy scissors to snip close to the threads. Do not puncture the fabric while cutting. Pop the tags into your pants drawer in case you need to refer to special washing instructions later.

3. Turn Jeans Inside Out

Turn Jeans Inside Out

If you want to maintain the look of your denim jeans, turn them inside out before washing. This will help preserve the color and keep the fabric intact. Of course, if you prefer the worn-in look of distressed denim, you can skip this step entirely.

4. Roll Jeans Into a Ball


To get your jeans looking and feeling their best, roll them up tightly when they’re still hot from the dryer. Start at the hems and roll tightly (just like you would a sleeping bag), working all the way up to the waistband. The goal is to get the jeans into the smallest, tightest ball possible. Then tie up the jean ball with a bathrobe belt or long piece of fabric so it stays condensed and leave it to cool for half an hour to an hour. Rolling your jeans this way when they’re still hot from the dryer helps to stretch out their fibers, loosening them for a softening effect.

5. Put Jeans in the Dryer

To continue softening your jeans, you’ll need to dry them. Throw your jeans inside out in the dryer and make sure they are completely dry. If you’re worried about shrinking them, use the lowest heat setting on the machine.

6. Dry Jeans With Tennis Balls

Dry Jeans With Tennis Balls

If you want a worn-in look for your jeans without having to wear them for weeks on end, put them through the dryer with a few tennis balls. The tennis balls will soften the fabric as they bounce around inside the machine, with low heat (to prevent shrinkage) and hot heat (to help soften the denim further).

7. Sand Your Jeans

Sand Your Jeans

To achieve a lived-in look without wearing your jeans for weeks on end, try sanding them. Unroll your jeans and—with the fabric still inside out—use a sandpaper square (like this one from 3M) to gently scrape away the interior surface of both legs. Start at the top of one leg and move the sandpaper in horizontal strokes down to the hem, then repeat on the other leg. Take your time scraping your way along each leg; you can brush away bits of loosened denim fiber as you go.

8. Wash Jeans in Warm Water

When you’re ready to wash your jeans, put them in the washing machine inside out and without detergent. Set the temperature to warm or medium and wash with only other denim items in order to achieve optimal results. If you’re laundering only one pair of jeans, go for a low-water setting (if your washer has one) to preserve water for smaller laundry loads.

9. Wear and Repeat as Needed

Wear and Repeat as Needed

You should wear your jeans often to soften the fabric and help them mold to your body. Also, wash them frequently, which will help break down the fabric and make them feel softer against your skin.


Whether you’re shopping for a new pair of jeans or have one in your closet that could use a little love, these tips should help you soften that denim and make it more comfortable to wear. One of those tricks may just be the difference between jeans that get tossed in the back of your closet, and the ones you reach for when you want to look good. try these tips and keep your favorite pair.

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